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The evolutionary history of Lepidoptera

Objectives: The diversity of Lepidoptera is famously tied to the diversity of angiosperm plants20, but the evolutionary history behind this tight association is still not clear although the latter has been under intense scrutiny lately. But it has become clear that a large number of gene sequences are needed to resolve many of the nodes. Many of the major lineages are however difficult to collect fresh samples for as they are very rare. By using the protocols developed in WP1, the Lepidoptera phylogeny will be strengthened and filled out for rare lineages taken from museum collections. A robust phylogenetic hypothesis calibrated with fossils will be generated and inferences made on the evolutionary history of Lepidoptera.

Expected Results: A PhD will result from this project, along with a robust phylogenetic hypothesis for all of Lepidoptera taking into account rare lineages easily available in museum collections, as well as a robust timeframe for the evolution of a species-rich group of organisms.

Researching student: Hamid Ghanavi

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